Deleted scores and texts

Music of the Baroque: An Anthology of Scores
Deleted Scores and Texts

Listed below are works whose scores and texts were included in previous editions of the anthology for Music of the Baroque but are no longer in the current edition. Click on each link for scores, audio files, and, for vocal works, a text and translation. In some cases the score is one that was newly created for a previous edition; in other cases it is one that is available elsewhere on the web. Audio files likewise are free downloadable recordings (some with video) from the web or, where such are unavailable, synthesized realizations of the score. Texts are those that were included in previous editions.
Gesualdo: Beltà, poi che t’assenti
Monteverdi: Combattimento
Cavalli: Giasone
Schütz: Herr, neige deine Himmel
Lalande: De profundis
Rameau: Les indes galantes (nouvelle entrée, scene 4, conclusion, through scene 5)
Froberger: Suite 20 in D
Buxtehude: “Nun bitten wir,” BuxWV 208, and J. S. Bach: Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist, BWV 385 (transposed from A to G)
Castello: Sonata 12 from Libro II
Legrenzi: Sonata La Strasolda
Rameau: “Les sauvages” and “L’Egyptienne”
Domenico Scarlatti, Sonatas K. 181–2
Telemann: Nouveau quatuor no. 6 in E minor
C. P. E. Bach: Concerto in D minor, W. 23
C. P. E. Bach: “Württemberg” Sonata no. 1 in A minor, W. 49/1