Courses Taught by David Schulenberg

The links below will take you to syllabi for the courses listed. Most syllabi are from past semesters, so dates, assignments, and other details may differ from the syllabi now in use, but these files will give you a good idea of what each course covers.

Graduate courses at Boston University

The Bach Sons (2015)
Bach (2016)
Cadenzas and Embellishments (mini-course, 2018)
Bach Adagios (mini-course, 2020)
The Classical Style (2022)

Undergraduate courses at Wagner College

Music 102: Introduction to Music
Music 102-FY
Music 111: Music Theory I
Music 112: Music Theory II
Music 205: World Music
Music 241: Bach and Handel
Music 246: Music in Film (this course is sometimes taught as part of a first-year or intermediate LC)
Music 291: Courts, Choruses, and Courtesans: Gender and Music in Early Modern Europe (team-taught ILC)
Music 291: Music and Poetry (team-taught ILC)
Music 306 (formerly 208): Music of the Late Renaissance and Baroque
Music 308: Music Since 1900
Music 400: Senior Reflective Tutorial
Music 491: Senior Seminar
Music 593: Early Keyboard Music
RFT (Reflective Tutorial): Music and Art in Theater and Society

Courses taught elsewhere (selection)

Studies in Historical Performance (The Juilliard School, 2010-17)
Advanced Topics (Juilliard, 2013-16)

European Music of the Classical and Romantic Eras (University of Notre Dame, 2000)
Classical Chamber Music (University of Notre Dame, 2000)

Music Bibliography (University of South Dakota, 2000)

Tonal Counterpoint (University of North Carolina, 1999)
Sesminar: Genre, Style, and Form in Eighteenth-Century Music (University of North Carolina, Fall 1998)
Seminar: Dramatic Representation in Baroque Opera and Cantata (University of North Carolina, Fall 1997)