Worksheets and assignments

Suggested Worksheets and Assignments for
Music of the Baroque, third edition
David Schulenberg (Oxford University Press, 2013)

This page contains links to worksheets and assignments for use with the textbook Music of the Baroque and the accompanying volume Music of the Baroque: An Anthology of Scores.
“Worksheets” are lists of questions that can serve as homework, class outlines, or study guides (see “About Worksheets” in the worksheets file). The final page in the worksheets file is a review sheet for an entire course based on these textbooks.

Most of the assignments take the form of paper topics, but they also include a performance project and an exercise in fugue analysis. In general, these assignments give students broader choices and greater opportunities for interpretive writing than the worksheets, which are more structured and involve students in close reading of both text and scores.
Follow these links to access worksheets and  paper assignments. These must be given here in the form of pdf files; instructors seeking versions of these files that they can edit will find them on the Oxford University Press website.

Listed below are the contents of the two files. Within each file, individual worksheets and paper assignments begin on new pages. Now included among suggested paper assignments are several on topics suggested by “boxes” or sidebars in the third edition of the textbook.

About worksheets (what they are and how they can be used in class)
Palestrina, Dum complerentur
Lassus, Timor et tremor
Monteverdi, Luci serene
La Pellegrina and Caccini
(There is no worksheet on Monteverdi’s Orfeo, but see the suggested paper assignment on early-Baroque musical drama.)
Barbara Strozzi
Alessandro Scarlatti and Henry Purcell
Gabrieli and Schütz
Handel, Orlando
Bach, Cantata 127
Handel, Jephtha
Gaultier, Jacquet, and Couperin
Sonatas by Rossi, Marini, Biber, and Corelli
Sinfonia and concerto grosso (Torelli and Corelli)
Concertos by Vivaldi and J. S. Bach
Study outline

Suggested paper topics
Comparison of settings of the same madrigal or motet text by different composers
Early baroque musical drama
Comparative analysis
Fugue analysis
Concert report
Comparison of different performances of a work
Performance project

Responses to boxes (sidebars) in the textbook
Gender: Boxes 5.1 (Women and music) and 13.1 (Vivaldi and the ospedali)
“Meaning” in music: Boxes 6.3 (French overtures) and 11.2 (Couperin’s Pièces)
Castratos: Box 8.2 (Burney on Farinelli)
Colonialism and ethnicity: Box 8.7 (Europeans and Americans)
Bach in context: Boxes 9.2 (Bach, Politics, and Religion) and 13.2 (Scheibe on Bach)