Music of the Baroque, 2d edn.: Corrections and revisions

Revisions and corrections for

 MUSIC OF THE BAROQUE (second edition)

Textbook and Anthology


A work of this sort inevitably requires revision and correction. This list will be updated as the need for updates and corrections becomes apparent. Thanks to those readers who have brought problems to my attention.
Text volume
p. 55, ex. 3.2, m. 6. The rhythm on beat 2 and on beat 4 should 16th–dotted 8th, not dotted 8th–16th.
p. 58, line 3 from bottom. For:
Both types of aria played
Strophic arias played
p. 69, end of first complete para. For
mm. 261–64
mm. 208–15
p. 75, line 2. For
mm. 66–71
mm. 67–71
p. 75, line 3. For
measure 72
measure 172
p. 75, line 10. For
m. 246
m. 24
p. 156, line 6. For
employed fewer than ninety
employed no fewer than ninety
p. 247. The end of the last sentence on the page is missing. It should read in full:
By then its musical character had changed, and the minuets of the Viennese Classical composers Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven often incorporate asymmetrical phrases containing odd numbers of measures and irregular accents.
298, lines 13–14. For
His Opus 8, apparently first published in 1626 and reprinted in 1629
His Opus 8, published in 1629
p. 312, last line. For
accompany other parts
accompany other parts of a work
Anthology volume
p. 29, Selection 6a, m. 18, text. For
p. 288, note 35. Delete the second sentence of the note:
The 1629 edition was probably a reprint of one of 1626.
p. 336. The second (right-hand) image on the page is the same as the first. The correct image is shown below (it can be downloaded by right-clicking on the image and selecting “save as”).

p. 377. The notes in mm. 172 and 173, lower staff, should read as follows: m. 172 (each chord): c#/e (not C#/A); m. 173 (downbeat): d (not D/A).