Music of the Baroque, 3d edn.: Corrections and revisions

Revisions and corrections for
MUSIC OF THE BAROQUE (third edition)
Textbook and Anthology

This list will be updated as the need for updates and corrections becomes apparent. Thanks to those readers who have brought problems to my attention.
Text volume
Anthology volume
p. 197 (Frescobaldi, Toccata 7 from Libro 2): in m. 11, lower staff, the tie extending from the previous measure on c’ has been omitted; between mm. 33 and 34 there is a superfluous extra small tie.
p. 203 (Jacquet de La Guerre, Suite 3, Courante): in m. 10, upper staff, the first g’ indeed lacks an accidental in the original (as shown), but a sharp is probably intended.
p. 204 (Jacquet de La Guerre, Suite 3, Sarabande): in m. 17, lower staff, the quarter note on beat 2 should be c, not A.